What is wrong with the tomato on the left?

Answer: Absolutely nothing. 

Before it was mature, a caterpillar took a nibble from it, and a scar formed on that spot. When cut open, you can see that it isn’t rotten- it looks like every other tomato and tastes just as good too.

Spots, scars and blemishes can form for other reasons, like when a branch rubs against the skin or cracks form from irregular/over watering.

Consider this: most fruits and vegetables (like this one) never make it to the supermarket. Everyone wants the picture perfect tomato. Ones that aren’t are thrown away. Perfectly good, life giving and nutritious food.

Most of the ones that do make it to the store shelf are wasted too. Go people watching in the produce aisle next time you’re there. Watch people’s hands glide right past the tomato that is slightly misshapen or not quite as red as the others. Now watch the store clerk push a cart past and collect up all the ones that are left over at the end of the week- the almost but not quite picture perfect ones- and watch as he throws them into a dumpster.

Rethink what you view as “good” food. Just because it is misshapen, bruised or scarred doesn’t mean it isn’t “good” food. It just means it isn’t as pretty as the others. Last time I checked, my taste buds and stomach don’t care about pretty.

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    I was actually at the store yesterday and I saw this lady going through bunches of bananas and taking the one from each...
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    Are we trying to protect the way food looks now. r u kidding me
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    Actually, I work at a grocery store, and we donate the food that isn’t fit for sale. My previous store donated to the...
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    The green house at my school is so terrible for this.
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    The best thing you can do, if you’re really concerned about food waste, is get involved. Go to your local supermarket,...